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    A journalist bothers the Indian far-right

    Prabir Purkayastha created a vibrant publication in Delhi, connected to social movements and successful. He´s now imprisoned at 78 under an infamous law. The episode reveals much about the nature, methods, and vulnerabilities of Narendra Modi´s regime.

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    The problem of Nazism in Ukraine

    Canada’s House of Commons gave a standing ovation to Yaroslav Hunka, a member of the 14th Grenadier Division of the Waffen-SS (1st Galician Division), formed under the aegis of none other than Heinrich Himmler.

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    Chile today: massive march and repression

    It is 50 years since the coup d’état and there is an important generational change on the streets, many thousands of young people who feel the need to express their discomfort with society, to express their pain at the breakdown of democracy and all that followed.

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    Is the end of Western financial dominance in Africa on the horizon or will the history of Libya repeat itself?

    Countries across Africa recently took a major step towards economic independence from the West by launching an insurance system that will allow them to conduct inter-state trade without the involvement of the U.S. dollar or other Western currencies. This could have major implications on the development of both African as well as Western economies. However, the Wests response to previous attempts to free Africa from the economic and political dominance of the West, then by Libya, are a source of worry.

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    Memorial Day by a Vietnam War veteran

    Perhaps some may find what I will argue below as disrespectful, especially coming from a veteran who participated and lost comrades in the American War in Vietnam. But it must be said. How Memorial Day is currently observed does not, in my view, fulfill its intended purpose—that is, as a day of remembrance, reflection, and appreciation for the sacrifices of those who fought and died in this nation’s all too numerous wars.

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    Paying tribute to the victims of genocide in Namibia

    Every year, descendants of the Nama-Ovaherero tribes gather at Swakopmund Memorial Park Cemetery in Namibia during the month of March to pay tribute to their ancestors who were victims of the genocide that took place from 1904-1908.

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    The agony of liberal Zionism

    Among my Israeli friends there used to be many liberal Zionists. They sought social justice, supported peace initiatives with the Palestinians, and otherwise believed in Israel’s progressive roots. Indeed, in its pioneer years, Zionism, while engaged in colonization of Palestine, was associated with ideas of collective endeavour and equality.

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    Workers in the UK take to the streets in largest day of industrial action in a decade

    On the 1st of February 2023, the UK came the closest it has come in a generation to a general strike as workers from across a wide range of sectors including education and transport walked out in protest regarding poor pay, unfair working conditions, pensions and precarity.

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    Requiem for a dream: 100 years after the founding of the USSR

    The worst crime the USSR committed, the one for which it will never be forgiven, was to have been a shared hope for a more just, more dignified and more humane society.

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    Greenland is worse than ever, much worse

    A new study finds Greenland’s ice sheet thinning much further into the ice sheet core than previously thought, 100 miles inland. (Source: S. Khan, et al, Extensive Inland Thinning and Speed-Up of North-East Greenland Stream, Nature, November 9, 2022)

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    “We’re all in prison, as long as Julian’s in prison”: exclusive interview with Stella Assange

    On Friday, October 7th, with some of the fellow promoters of the 24 hours for Assange, we attended the Wired Next Fest 2022, hosted for the occasion by the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan.

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    Boric, the promise to re-found Carabineros and the support that ended up being carte blanche for police violence

    The President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, during his campaign promised to reform the country’s uniformed police.

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    The U.S. unilateral sanctions against Russia will produce a global food disaster

    “There is really no true solution to the problem of global food security without bringing back the agriculture production of Ukraine and the food and fertilizer production of Russia and Belarus into world markets despite the war.” These blunt words by UN Secretary-General António Guterres accurately describe the present global food crisis.

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    When did the Ukraine War begin?

    Viewing the Ukraine war as starting with the current Russian invasion leads to very different conclusions than if you consider that the starting point of this war was the 2014 U.S.-orchestrated coup in Ukraine. The coup, which had elements of an authentic popular revolt, has been used by outside powers to pursue geopolitical ends.

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    The U.S. makes a mockery of treaties and international law

    The United States claims it is operating under a “rules-based order”—but the term is not the same international law recognized by the rest of the world. Rather, it is camouflage behind which American exceptionalism flourishes.

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    Whales will save the world’s climate—unless the military destroys them first

    Pentagon documents estimate that 13,744 whales and dolphins are legally allowed to be killed as “incidental takes” during any given year due to military exercises in the Gulf of Alaska.

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    U.S. targets Nicaraguan presidential election: former solidarity activists echo imperial talking points

    Now Uncle Sam has a problem in Nicaragua, where independent polls predict a landslide victory for Daniel Ortega’s leftist Sandinista slate in the November 7thpresidential elections.