• | Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva Photo ONÉXIMO | MR Online

    Stability in a destabilized region

    The electoral victories of Gustavo Petro and Inacio Lula da Silva this year in Colombia and Brazil have raised hopes for a new strong impulse towards the full emancipation of Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • | Solidarity with Honduras From San Francisco 2018 | MR Online

    Elections in Honduras: the challenge of ending twelve years of neoliberalism

    Honduras is at the most important crossroads of its recent history.

  • | Photo Jairo CajinaCanal 4 | MR Online

    Nicaragua and the COVID-19 pandemic

    While each country’s experience facing the COVID-19 pandemic is different, some common fundamental factors can make the difference between widespread catastrophe and relative stability. Nicaragua has so far been among the most successful countries in Latin America in protecting its population from the virus while also maintaining normal economic life. As of March 28th, Nicaragua has three confirmed cases with one fatality. Another 14 people who may have the virus are under observation but have so far tested negative.