• | Susan Williams White Malice The CIA and the Neocolonisation of Africa Hurst Publishers 2021 xii 651pp | MR Online

    “White Malice: The CIA and the Neocolonisation of Africa”

    Barack Obama recounts in his memoir ‘Dreams from my Father’ reading a book about Africa as a young man. He remembered how he was filled with ‘an anger all the more maddening for its lack of a clear target’ at the way that the dominant images of the book shifted from the independence struggles of leaders like Jomo Kenyatta and Kwame Nkrumah to ‘famine, disease, the coups and counter-coups led by illiterate young men wielding AK-47s like shepherd sticks’ (p.515).

  • | Olivier van Beemen Heineken In Africa A Multinational Unleashed Hurst 2019 xviii 307pp | MR Online

    Heineken In Africa: A Multinational Unleashed – book review

    Olivier van Beemen’s meticulous exposure of Heineken’s activities in Africa show the damage done by neo-colonial capitalism, argues Ellen Graubart

  • | Paul le Blanc October Song Bolshevik Triumph Communist Tragedy 19171924 Haymarket Books 2017 504pp | MR Online

    October Song

    Paul le Blanc’s history of the Russian Revolution shows that the tragic outcome was not inevitable, and there is much to learn from it, argues Lindsey German.

  • | Base and Superstructure Relationship Photo Wikimedia commons | MR Online

    Marxism and human nature

    Mainstream conceptions of human nature are rooted in the historical development of capitalism. Elaine Graham-Leigh argues that we can only understand nature through the dialectic method.

  • | Protest on 22 March in Marseille bringing together CGT union strikers students civil service workers and others against cuts and neoliberal measures in public services Photo Twittercgttuifrance | MR Online

    Is France heading for another May ’68?

    Just fifty years ago on March 22nd we saw the beginning of the events in France which terrified the ruling class, led to one of the biggest general strikes ever, along with a wave of factory occupations, and could only be calmed by important concessions from the bosses (minimum wage raised by 35% and new workplace organising rights guaranteed for trade unions). For the first time for decades, the spectre of revolution in the West seemed real.