• | Fig 18 Cumulus cumulo nimbus International Cloud Atlas 1896 | MR Online

    The nuclear geopolitics of anthropogenic clouds

    Among the various types of anthropogenic clouds, mushroom clouds that form in the sky after atomic bomb explosions are arguably the most spectacular.

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    Our Own Words: Fem & Trans, Past & Future

    Words for different flavors of trans people come and go, gathering different assortments of us together and drawing different lines between us.

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    Discourses of Distrust: Conspiracy Theories and the Critique of Ideology

    Here the main question is not what is said but why it is said. And this question of why is not related to the personal situation, interests, or discursive strategies of the speakers. Men cannot know what is good for them; they very often profess ideologies that are directly detrimental to their interests.

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    Revolution or ruin

    We know how the first paragraph begins. We’ve read about the changing climate for over twenty years, infrequently at first and then daily until we couldn’t deny it any longer. The world is burning.

  • | An image allegedly taken after the destruction of Monument to the Victory of the people of Slavonia in Croatia 1992 | MR Online

    Only intelligent planning can save us

    Universalism is not an innocent concept. In “The Grandeur and Twilight of Radical Universalism,” published shortly after the fall of historical communism, Ágnes Heller and Ferenc Fehér, former Marxist philosophers and disciples of Georg Lukács, accused Marx and his followers of turning the Hegelian concept of universalism into a philosophy of praxis, a “predictive and action-orienting device” applied to change the world.