• | Jovenel Moïse speaks at his inauguration ceremony after taking the oath of office Port au Prince February 7 2017 UN Photo Igor Rugwiza Flickr | MR Online

    The foreign roots of Haiti’s “Constitutional crisis”

    Haiti’s president’s term has come to an end, but he refuses to step down. Solidarity is urgent.

  • | Hundreds of photos of burning barricades in the streets have been circulating on WhatsApp | MR Online

    Shooting at Haitian Parliament surprises few as anti-Government protests continue

    A recent photograph circulating of a Haitian senator shooting an AP reporter is just the tip of the iceberg in Haiti, where an uprising has been simmering for months.

  • | Amazon fires 15 22 August 2019 NASAWikipedia Commons | MR Online

    Understanding the fires in South America

    Extractivist governments are stoking destruction in the Amazon and beyond. International alliances and Indigenous technologies can help protect the biome and support its 30 million inhabitants.

  • | Andrés Manuel López Obrador votes in the 2012 general elections flickrEneas de Troya | MR Online

    López Obrador’s moment

    It took Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) 12 years to become president-elect of Mexico, making history for Mexico’s Left as his party’s coalition also achieves a legislative majority. But the struggle has only just begun.

  • | Honduras | MR Online

    Honduras in flames

    The chaos surrounding last week’s presidential elections in Honduras reflects a rightwing consolidation of power in the country, abetted by the United States.

  • | Book Image | MR Online

    Criminalizing environmental activism

    Berta Cáceres, assassinated in her home on March 3, 2016, was just one of hundreds of Latin American environmental activists attacked in recent years. At least 577 environmental human rights defenders (EHRDs) were killed in Latin America between 2010 and 2015—more than in any other region—as documented by Global Witness.

  • | An occupation Camp in Filhos da Luta Pernambuco in 2014 Photo by Mel Gurr | MR Online

    Land (in) justice in Brazil

    The implementation of austerity measures in the Brazilian countryside, then, casts a long shadow on the potential of farming and land reform to provide the next generation with a sustainable future. It threatens decades of progress made by land justice warriors.