• | Kwame Ture | MR Online

    Becoming Kwame Ture

    In Guinea, doors fly open at the mere mention of Kwame Ture’s name. A senior government minister met me within a few hours’ notice.

  • | Mural of Eduardo Galeano in Los Apamates Street in Sabana Grande Caracas Venezuela 7 December 2017 | MR Online

    Five Centuries of Pillage and Resistance: Latin America and Africa

    The tragedy being the suffering Latin America has borne, the optimism being in the recognition that this is not the region’s natural or inevitable destiny, but has been imposed on it through its subjugation to the capitalist system, and is therefore capable of being changed.

  • | Angus | MR Online

    Ecosocialism or barbarism: an interview with Ian Angus

    In an interview with roape.net, ecosocialist and writer Ian Angus discusses the environmental crisis, the Anthropocene and Covid-19. He argues that new viruses, bacteria and parasites spread from wildlife to humans because capital is bulldozing primary forests, replacing them with profitable monocultures. Ecosocialists must patiently explain that permanent solutions will not be possible so long as capital rules the Earth.