• | Review The Great Climate Cop Out | MR Online

    Review: ‘The Great Climate Cop Out’

    The 25 page pamphlet lays out concisely and effectively why we cannot look to heads of government under a capitalist system to come to an agreement on phasing out fossils fuels, cutting emissions and creating a more sustainable economy. 

  • | COVID 19 capitalism and climate | MR Online

    COVID-19, capitalism and climate

    No one should have been surprised by COVID-19. Epidemiologists have been warning for decades about the increasing danger of novel virus pandemics that could cause major human suffering, disrupt the economy and exacerbate the growing inequalities that characterizes the modern world.

  • | Why Marx matters capitalism and the Metabolic Rift | MR Online

    Why Marx matters: capitalism and the Metabolic Rift

    CO2 was identified as a prime driver of global warming in the 1950s and has been the subject of many international meetings over the past 30 years. Despite increasing calls to reduce carbon emissions, they continue to rise faster and faster.