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Marxist Ecology, Environmental Science and Ecological Crisis

Cyclone Idai, Sanctions and Capitalism

Cyclone Idai, sanctions and capitalism

Western capitalists are to blame largely for climatic changes that causes natural and environmental disasters. Poverty, which is a result of the diabolic and pernicious economic sanctions, has forced the poor to build poor and weak structures that do not withstand the heavy winds and storms.

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California Wildfire

How can we prevent climate catastrophe?

An organized working class will be a crucial part of any movement that is capable of winning the kinds of changes we need. Workers not only can demonstrate in large numbers: they also they have the power to shut down sectors of the economy, which provides crucial leverage against a powerful ruling class.

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Senate Democrats

The Green New Deal’s magical realism

The half-measures and failed “market mechanisms” of the mainstream more “unrealistic” than the bold plans put forward by the Green New Deal. The arc of the moral universe may bend towards justice, but that won’t mean very much if, within just a few decades, the planet can no longer sustain life as we know it.

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