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    Talking shit

    What links Karl Marx, William S. Burroughs, Dalit struggles in India and the Yetties’ famous Muckspreader Song? Ed Emery writes on the centrality of excrement, both metaphorical and literal, to the modern world.

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    Mike Davis on becoming a Marxist

    After losing a coveted niche in the trucking industry, I started UCLA as an adult freshman, attracted by rumors of a high-powered seminar on Capital led by Bob Brenner in the History Department.

  • | Pañuelos Verdes Acompañamiento Solidaridad | MR Online

    Pañuelos Verdes, Acompañamiento, Solidaridad

    The Global South has much to teach the Global North about fighting for reproductive justice, providing abortions to whoever needs them, regardless of the law–and about building a mass, international, feminist movement.

  • | Thomas Piketty | MR Online

    ‘Why are you acting the Marxist?’ Frédéric Lordon on Thomas Piketty’s ‘Capital and Ideology’

    On 31 January, at the Bourse du travail in Paris, Frédéric Lordon debated with Thomas Piketty on his book ‘Capital and Ideology’, at the invitation of Les Amis de L’Humanité. The following text is Frédéric Lordon’s opening speech, with minimal revisions.

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    The struggle to live in the present

    In Capital Is Dead, Mckenzie Wark argues that the dominance of the capitalist class may be ending. In order to grasp this epochal transition, leftists must follow the young Marx—and abandon or adapt inherited modes of thought.

  • | Julian Assange Outside the Gate of Hell | MR Online

    Julian Assange outside the Gate of Hell

    I’ve been to see Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy several times, mainly when Rafael Correa was President and the Embassy felt like a liberated space. A few weeks ago I met him again. By now Correa’s successor, Lenín Moreno, had capitulated on every level to the American Empire.

  • | Stripmined land | MR Online

    In defence of Metabolic Rift Theory

    One Marxist line of inquiry into environmental problems has outshone all others in creativity and productivity: the theory of the metabolic rift.

  • | Detail from Jean François Millet Des glaneuses 1857 via Wikimedia Commons | MR Online

    Mapping social reproduction theory

    Let us slightly modify the question “who teaches the teacher?” and ask this of Marxism: If workers’ labor produces all the wealth in society, who then produces the worker? Put another way: What kinds of processes enable the worker to arrive at the doors of her place of work every day so that she can produce the wealth of society?

  • | Laurent Joffrin and Alain Badiou | MR Online

    Alain Badiou debates reformist Laurent Joffrin

    Alain Badiou is former chair of philosophy at École normale supérleure and author of In Praise of Politics. Laurent Joffrin is editor of Libération newspaper—and a reformist who defends existing social democracy. Alain Badiou recently announced that he would stop running his seminar. He also announced that he would soon be publishing The Immanence of Truths, completing […]

  • | Berkeley Free Speech week | MR Online

    Limits on free speech

    Judith Butler asks what happens when free speech clashes with other basic values.

  • | International Congress of Intellectuals for Peace Wroctaw Poland 1948 | MR Online

    Red scientist: two strands from a life in three colours

    An exploration of Bernal’s contribution to the politicization of science and scientists, above all the development of the Social Relations of Science movement.

  • | Mészáros in a 2002 appearance on Brazilian television program Roda Viva | MR Online

    Political power and dissent in post-revolutionary societies

    Marx’s original definition concerned political power as the direct manifestation of class antagonism, coupled with its opposite: the abolition of political power properly so-called in a fully realized socialist society. But what happens in between? Is it possible to break entrenched political power without necessarily resorting to the exercise of a fully articulated system of political power?

  • | Photo Herbert Marcuse and Angela Davis 1968 | MR Online

    The effect of the whip: The Frankfurt school and the oppression of women

    Stuart Jeffries on the Frankfurt School’s absence of women and the points of contact between the thinkers associated with the Institute für Sozialforschung and theorists of feminism.

  • | Activist being handcuffed in Berkley antifa protests | MR Online

    Thugs and journalists

    The repetition of words like “thug” and “gang” in media coverage of anti-fascist demonstrators suggests the degree to which mainstream journalists, and centrists more widely, understand challenges to the state in the same euphemisms with which they express their own deep anti-blackness.

  • | Black Workers Power | MR Online

    Does David Roediger disagree with Ellen Meiksins Wood?

    How does race relate to class in capitalism? Is it intrinsic and essential to the reproduction of capital, or merely an accidental feature of particular capitals? In this recent essay by Richard Seymour, and originally published on his Patreon, Seymour considers a debate within Marxism on the relationship between class, race and capitalism.