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  • World’s Labor Federations React to Financial Crisis with Proposals from Re-regulation to Socialism

    Labor unions around the world have reacted to the financial crisis and the economic recession with words and actions reflecting their national experience, their political ideology, and their leaderships. Unions and workers have already seen the financial crisis and the growing recession result in the closing of plants and offices, in shorter workweeks, pay cuts, […]

  • The Life and Times of Genora Dollinger

      Child of the Sit-Downs: The Revolutionary Life of Genora Dollinger, by Carlton Jackson, WKU Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History.  Kent, OH: The Kent State University Press, 2008.  256 pages, $39.00 (cloth). This wonderful book is a most welcome biography of Genora Dollinger, labor reformer and feminist.  Genora (her husband told Dr. Jackson that she […]

  • Israel’s Dark Arts of Ensnaring Collaborators

    Israel’s enduring use of Palestinian collaborators to entrench the occupation and destroy Palestinian resistance was once the great unmentionable of the Middle East conflict. When the subject was dealt with by the international and local media, it was solely in the context of the failings of the Palestinian legal system, which allowed the summary execution […]

  • Are Industrial Unions Better than Craft?  Not Always.

      Which is better — craft unions or industrial unions?  The debate is as old as the labor movement itself, and one that resists simple answers. Craft unions organize workers along occupational lines.  Industrial unions join everyone who works for one employer, or one industry, into one union. The argument surfaces in the dispute between […]

  • Immigrant Rights Are Labor Rights

    Today’s critical labor struggles revolve around immigrants’ rights, while today’s struggles over immigrants’ rights are grounded in workplace and labor organizing.  Global, national, and local histories have woven these issues tightly together.  In the U.S. we are seeing the beginnings of a multifaceted movement which engages these dynamically linked histories. Twenty-five years ago, U.S. labor […]

  • Crisis of Social Partnership: Collapse of National Pay Talks in Ireland

      The 21 year old social partnership pact between unions, employers and the Government in Ireland is entering one of its periodic crises as one national pay agreement Towards 2016 begins to run out and talks on a successor have collapsed. The Government is expected to attempt resuscitation in late August or early September, writes Padraig […]

  • Labor Board Becomes Government’s “Rip Van Winkle”

    Returning to school after winter break, Austin Garrido found that Uloop, an online marketplace for college students, had cut his hourly pay.  Elsewhere on the University of California-Polytechnic’s campus in Pomona, his co-worker Sarah Doolittle also discovered a light paycheck. Unhappy about $8 an hour and shrunken bonuses from the Craigslist-type outfit, the two posted […]

  • Labor Imperialism, Corporate Unionism, & the SEIU Convention in Puerto Rico

    This video is an edited part of a 60 minute labor TV show the Labor Video Project is producing on the 2008 SEIU convention in Puerto Rico.  To find out more about the issue of the Puerto Rican teachers and the struggle against privatization you can go to: More Videos about […]

  • SEIU: Debating Labor’s Strategy

      Introduction by Michael D. Yates Over the past several years, a vigorous debate has taken place within organized labor and among its allies over how best to rebuild a dying labor movement.  Much of the is debate has centered around the actions and arguments of the leaders of the nation’s largest union, The Service […]

  • ‘Dare Anyone Say a Word?’: The Canadian Labour Congress Convention of 2008

      There is always something unsettling about people who say one thing and do another.  There is for one thing the hypocrisy.  Then, there is the uncertainty.  It only takes a few disappointments to sow the seeds of doubt about whether you can ever trust their judgement again or whether you can ever expect them […]

  • Three Days in Cairo: Egyptian Workers Impose a New Agenda

      The road from the airport to the hotel shows the story: modern buildings partly conceal dilapidated, crowded structures that seem on the verge of collapse.  Ancient jalopies chug along as if by inertia, while the latest luxury models zip past them.  Huge billboards advertise multinational corporations.  All this goes side by side with centuries-old […]

  • Labor Breakfast Forum Featuring Bill Fletcher, Jr.

    The Murphy Institute, The Brooklyn College Graduate Center for Worker Education, and the Metro NY Labor Communications Council invite you to a Labor Breakfast Forum Solidarity Divided: The Crisis in Organized Labor and A New Path toward Social Justice Featuring authorBill Fletcher, Jr. co-founder of the Center for Labor Renewal past President of TransAfrica Forum […]

  • Which Way Forward for Labor?  A Review of Solidarity Divided

    Solidarity Divided A Conversation and Book Signing with Bill Fletcher, Jr. Co-author of Solidarity Divided, University of California Press Date: Wed, June 18 Time: 6pm – 8pm Place: Busboys and 2021 14th St NW Washington, DC 20009 Provoked by the continuing crisis of organized labor after the departure of the Change to Win coalition […]

  • Folksinger, Storyteller, Railroad Tramp Utah Phillips Dead at 73

      Utah Phillips, a seminal figure in American folk music who performed extensively and tirelessly for audiences on two continents for 38 years, died Friday of congestive heart failure in Nevada City, California, a small town in the Sierra Nevada mountains where he lived for the last 21 years with his wife, Joanna Robinson, a […]

  • Say No to Xenophobia

      As everybody in our country knows, the Congress of South African Trade Unions has been at the forefront of the campaign to create jobs and eradicate poverty.  For years we have fought to ensure that this struggle is taken seriously and remains at the centre of the national agenda. COSATU has done everything in […]

  • Rebuilding Labor’s Power: There Are No Shortcuts

    See, also, Stephanie Luce, “The Future of the Labor Movement? Reflections on the Labor Notes Conference,” MRZine, 22 April 2008; and Dave Regan, “Why We Demonstrated in Dearborn,” MRZine, 2 May 2008. I am not surprised Dave Regan doesn’t remember our argument.  I am sure he hears my concerns all the time, but the conversation […]

  • Why We Demonstrated in Dearborn

      See, also, Stephanie Luce, “Rebuilding Labor’s Power: There Are No Shortcuts,” MRZine, 2 May 2008. I feel sorry for Stephanie Luce and I don’t even know her. As I read her piece, dated April 22, “The Future of the Labor Movement? Reflections on the Labor Notes Conference,” I was surprised to learn that she […]

  • Longshore Workers Are Standing Down at West Coast Ports:”We’re Standing Up for America, We’re Supporting the Troops, and We’re Telling Politicians That It’s Time to End the Iraq War Now!”

      (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) More than 25,000 longshore workers at 29 west coast ports are exercising their First Amendment rights today by taking a day off work and calling for an end to the war in Iraq. “Longshore workers are standing-down on the job and standing up for America,” said ILWU International President Bob McEllrath.  “We’re […]

  • Unionizing UC Davis Workers: Community-Labor Support Key

    After a sustained campaign in which police arrested two dozen non-violent protesters in downtown Davis, California, Sodexho food-service workers at UC Davis have won recognition as university employees.  The recent decision means that 200 career workers and 450 student workers will gain higher wages and better benefits as labor union members on the UC payroll.  […]

  • The Future of the Labor Movement? Reflections on the Labor Notes Conference

    See, also, Dave Regan, “Why We Demonstrated in Dearborn,” MRZine, 2 May 2008; and Stephanie Luce, “Rebuilding Labor’s Power: There Are No Shortcuts,” MRZine, 2 May 2008. I had a fantastic time at the Labor Notes conference last weekend, and am eager to build on the new connections I made and campaigns I learned about. […]