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The chants of “Down with imperialism! We need another world,” at the Trillo Park rally, make more sense now than ever. Photo: Juvenal Balán

A sense of the political

How can we spread the idea that politics is not the exclusive field of social actors who formally hold a given position? Politics, as the Revolution has shown since its first days, is the everyday arena in which we clarify everything that makes sense in our lives.

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The Robbery of Nature: Capitalism and the Ecological Rift

D-Econ’s 2020 Alternative Reading List

Here’s a list of the top 12 books of the year to help us understand and address the economic, social, and ecological challenges the world is facing at the end of 2020, from the dynamic group of young economists at Diversifying and Decolonizing Economics (D-Econ,

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Queen of the Bolsheviks - Marie Equi

Queen of the Bolsheviks

Now forgotten, Dr. Marie Equi (1872–1952) was a physician for working-class women and children, a lesbian, and a dynamic and flamboyant political activist. She was a “firebrand in the causes of suffrage, labor and peace, in Portland in the ’teens, ’20s, and ’30s.” A reformer turned revolutionary, Equi earned the nickname “Queen of the Bolsheviks,” […]

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Stencil of the young Engels By Alex1011, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Engels was a bro!

A tribute to Friedrich Engels’ “The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State” and the groundwork for feminism by the jubilarian.

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Leo Panitch books

Leo Panitch and the Socialist Project

The death of Leo Panitch has made the world a darker place. His writings have carried us through some of the most difficult periods in the history of the socialist left, as wave after wave of the neoliberal onslaught broke workers’ organizations, serving up one defeat after the next. Leo’s work sustained so many of […]

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