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"You can't have capitalism without racism." Source: Peter James Hudson on “The African Origins of Racial Capitalism.”

You can’t understand capitalism without race

The centrality of race in the devilment of capitalism continues to be resisted by “the sort of hardline, orthodox folks who only look at class, alongside the sort of liberals and so-called racial multiculturals who have the misconception that race no longer matters,” said Charisse Burden-Stelly, professor of Africana Studies and Political Science at Carleton College.

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Striking migrant workers in Mahboula in Kuwait

COVID and Kafala

To imagine that a country as structurally classist as Kuwait could have ever succeeded in fighting a pandemic that was born from exploitation and thrives on inequality is the kind of naivety one dreams of achieving, so comforting must it be.

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3 days ago Internationalist 360 Critical Hours in Bolivia – INTERNATIONALIST 360°

Critical hours in Bolivia

These are critical hours in Bolivia. The protests have been going on nationally for more than a week; the de facto government has deployed police, military and armed civilian groups. The escalation has not ceased and the demand for Jeanine Áñez’s resignation has been established, but what will be the consequences?

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