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  • Macron a toléré une milice haineuse de la France et menaçante

    The stalled decolonization

    Of late however there has been a popular anti-imperialist upsurge in several countries of Francophone Africa. In Guinea, Mali, Chad and Burkina Faso, new anti-imperialist governments have come to power in the last couple of years that want French troops out of their countries; and in Mali they have even succeeded in getting French troops out.

  • Amílcar Cabral painting in Bafatá

    Amílcar Cabral: Liberator, theorist, and educator

    Amílcar Lopes da Costa Cabral was born September 12, 1924 in Bafatá, Guinea-Bissau, one of Portugal’s African colonies. On January 20, 1973–48 years ago today–Cabral was murdered by fascist Portuguese assassins just months before the national liberation movement in which he played a central role won the independence of Guinea-Bissau.

  • Decolonization and Communism

    Decolonization and communism

    While the turn towards analyzing ongoing settler-colonialism has finally reached the mainstream of North American political discussions, there is still a lack of popular understanding of the issues involved.

  • Puerto Rican flag outside the Capitol, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2 March, 2008

    Will the United States finally decolonize Puerto Rico?

    On April 14, 2021 the House Committee on Natural Resources held hearings on two competing bills to end Puerto Rico’s colonial status. H.R.1522, the Puerto Rican State Admission Act and H.R.2070, the Puerto Rico Self-Determination Act.