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  • Lives lost too soon: Uvalde, Texas school shooting – The Hilltopper The Hilltopper Lives lost too soon: Uvalde, Texas school shooting.

    Reading, writing, ‘rithmetic of rifles (for Uvalde and other schools…)

    for Uvalde and other schools…

  • USA flag bombs

    Out of Afghanistan

    This long bloody madness has ended.

    Can we learn to love peace at last?

  • Fighting for Oak Flat/Chi Chil Bildagoteel

    Fighting for Oak Flat/Chi Chil Bildagoteel

    “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do little.” —Edmund Burke

  • Amanda Gorman at Inauguration

    To the Inaugural Poet

    This poem is a response to the Inaugural Poet’s address which featured near the end the line: “The new dawn blooms as we free it”.

  • A Bird Is a Bird

    To be honest,
    I don’t remember
    What I’ve come here for
    Surely, it must have been an important reason
    One doesn’t just make a vagabond of oneself for no reason
    When I remember I will finish this poem. . .

  • Abd el-Hadi Fights a Superpower

      In his life he neither wrote nor read. In his life he didn’t cut down a single tree, didn’t slit the throat of a single calf. In his life he did not speak of the New York Times behind its back, didn’t raise his voice to a soul except in his saying: “Come in, […]

  • Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

    In the prime of our youth
    We dreamt of hope
    Testimonies of a new world
    Anthems of a new tomorrow
    A world in which no one
    Suffered sorrow or knew of hunger
    On this side there were multitudes
    On the other the elite
    On this side the hungry, the naked
    On the other the treasures of Egypt

  • Culture

    The mark of Cain won’t sprout
    from a soldier who shoots
    at the head of a child
    on a knoll by the fence
    around a refugee camp —
    for beneath his helmet,
    conceptually speaking,
    his head is made of cardboard.

  • Unblinking

      (for Ash and his birthplace) Within the rubble, Child’s face, doll’s face, unblinking Blushing in red dawn Russell Ragsdale is a chef in Almaty, Kazakhstan.  Visit his blog: Yuckelbel’s Canon.

  • In One Sigh

      In one sigh, Death in a third world, A hand lies withered and curled, Peals of death rain down on a child, Artists of life are ruined and defiled, My ovaries sag with hate, I am death to procreate, In one sigh. Ros Csikc-Cyr is an activist.  Her poetry offers a perspective on issues […]

  • Homage to Nazim Hikmet

    Living is no laughing matter:
    you must live with great seriousness
    like a squirrel, for example —
    I mean without looking for something beyond and above living,
    I mean living must be your whole occupation.
    Nazim Hikmet, “On Living,” 1947