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To the Inaugural Poet

This poem is a response to the Inaugural Poet’s address which featured near the end the line: “The new dawn blooms as we free it”. It does not appear to me that the obvious “Don” pun was intended, but I hope that this is clear in my response.

To The Inaugural Poet

“The new dawn blooms”, the old has fled
To taste the former’s darkling spread.
Remind me what dear father said?
They’ll cheer until they haven’t bread.

“The new dawn blooms” through dust and ash
While families scatter, drown in trash.
Hot seas whipped up by winds will crash.
Our betters count their hard-earned cash.

“The new dawn blooms” and westward soars
A twinkling glow, a burning roar,
To sell fresh scalps of bloodless war.
She knows he’s coming back for more.

“The new dawn blooms” as vultures cry
And drop stone dead from ruddy skies.
Damn eagle picked clean to the eyes
The starving bones of bright magpie.

“The new dawn blooms!” We sigh with ease.
Our snipers glass us through the trees.
He in whose name the triggers squeeze
Is properly credentialed!

Shelby Street a poet from Kentucky.