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  • COVAX rollout: COVID-19 vaccinations begin in Ghana - nurse prepares vaccine.

    Better late than never, but act now

    The world should now be more aware of likely COVID-19 devastation unless urgently checked. Last week, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced an US$8 billion plan to quickly vaccinate many more people to expedite ending the pandemic.

  • China has not only proved itself as a leader on the techno front but also asserted itself by achieving its diplomatic goals.

    China and the power of healing

    COVID-19 is the major public health emergency witnessed by human history in recent times. Covid has put humanity to a new test and shaped our World from individual new norms to a new world order.

  • Elderly waiting in line for their shots at a mass vaccination drive at Ecatepec town of Mexico (22 February) | Jose M. Ruiz/Eyepix/abacapress.com

    The political economy of COVID-19 vaccines

    Vaccine grabs, the refusal to relax patents to enable mass production, and the use of vaccines for diplomacy run the risk that poorer nations may not be protected against Covid-19 quickly enough. This will prolong the pandemic, even for the richer nations.