Enough!  Stop the Killing and Destruction in Lebanon, Gaza, and Israel!


Stop the killing and destruction in
Lebanon, Gaza, and Israel!

A Demonstration against the Second Lebanon War
Saturday, July 22, in Tel Aviv

The policy of brute force and war, backed by the Bush administration, exacts a heavy price from Israelis, Lebanese, and Palestinians. The attempt to create a New Regional Order and the plans to attacks Syria as well are bound to lead to new disasters.

This is the time to confront the war crimes and the deliberate targeting of civilians.

This is the time to demand: Silence the guns, start talking!

There are no military solutions.  The bombings do not prevent attacks on the Israeli civilian population, nor will they restore the captive soldiers to their families.

We call upon all citizens of Israel, men and women, Jews and Arabs, each and every person of conscience, to work together for the restoration of sanity, against the illusion of a military dictat.  Let us demonstrate for an alternative way, a way of peace and security based upon the withdrawal of the IDF from all Occupied Territories, dismantling of the settlements, a peace agreement between the State of Israel and the State of Palestine, and respect for the sovereignty of all states in the region.


Haifa, 16:45, Kikar Solel Bone.  Binyamin: 050-535-8601
Jerusalem, 17:00, Gan Hapamon.  Gilad: 050-868-2992
Nazareth, 16:00, Beit Hayedidut – CP Hedquarter, Zahar: 050-314-8805

Yesh-Gvul, Communist Party of Israel (Maki), Hadash – Peace and Equality Front, Women’s Coalition for Peace, Gush-Shalom, Tandi – Women’s Democratic Movement, Bat-Shalom, Banki – Young Communist League of Israel, Alternative Information Center, Combatants for Peace, Shministim, Taayush