Slavery Now

King’s legacy
dead as doornail
America still run by Plantation
Hillary proclaims,
a knowledgeable house slave
who carried Massah George’s lies
all the way to Baghdad
and said it wasn’t even heavy.

Stew Albert by Robert Altman
Stew Albert
Photo by Robert Altman © 2006


Stew Albert, a co-founder of Yippies who died on 30 January 2006, published this poem on 18 January 2006 on his blog, a sharp criticism of what Hillary Rodham Clinton said at a press conference after her second trip to Iraq in 2005: “I think you can look at the country as a whole and see that there are many parts of Iraq that are functioning quite well. There might be occasional problems but it is not the steady drumbeat.”  Albert’s poem is reproduced here with kind permission of Judy Gumbo Albert.  © Judy Gumbo Albert.  MRZine has also published another poem by Albert: “Killer Heat.”  See, also, two eulogies for Albert in MRZine: Bernardine Dohrn, “Eulogy for Stew Albert” (6 June 2006); and Jeff Jones, “Stirring the Pot: Remembering Stew Albert — 1939-2006” (6 June 2006).