An Interview with Michael Steinberg

Michael Steinberg, the author of The Fiction of a Thinkable World (published by Monthly Review Press), was interviewed by KKUP on 3 August 2006.  Click here to listen to the interview.

Michael Steinberg
Michael Steinberg reads from his book at Robin’s Book Store, Philadelphia (Photo by Loret Gnivecki Steinberg)

Michael Steinberg is the author of The Fiction of a Thinkable World: Body, Meaning, and the Culture of Capitalism published by Monthly Review Press and essays in professional journals in history, music, and law.  He is a member of the literature collective Cat’s out of the Bag.  He and his wife Loret, a photographer and professor of documentary photography, live in Rochester, New York, under the supervision of two domestic medium-hair cats.  Read other articles by Steinberg in MRZine: “Against Deferred Gratification” (24 July 2005); “Judge of Character” (29 July 2005); “Britain to World: Shut Up” (2 September 2005); “Padilla v Hanft: A Very Dangerous Decision” (9 September 2005); “Saving the Future” (17 September 2005); “Another of Monday’s Untold Stories: the Self-Organized ‘UFPJ Shuttle'” (28 September 2005); “No Rules, Just Right?” (22 October 2005); “The Architecture of Dreamworld: Like a Sex Machine” (31 October 2005); “The Architecture of Dreamworld 2: The Disarming Reflex” (17 November 2005); “The Architecture of Dreamworld 3: Going Postal” (28 December 2005); “Pom Poko” (17 January 2006); “Say Anything” (29 January 2006); “Great Target, Bad Aim: Robert Greenwald’s Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices (8 February 2006); “The Architecture of Dreamworld 4: What Are Dreams Made of?” (21 February 2006); “The End of Genocide” (8 May 2006); “The Next Greed Revolution” (24 May 2006)

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