Praise/Protest Your Senator for Voting for/against the Use of Cluster Bombs in Lebanon

Praise/Protest your Senator for voting for/against the use of cluster bombs in Lebanon.

In response to Israel’s use of American-made cluster bombs in heavily populated areas of Lebanon, Senators Feinstein and Leahy introduced legislation that would require recipients of such munitions not to use them in or near civilian centers.  The Cluster Munitions Amendment failed 30-70, with the majority of Democrats in favor and all Republicans opposed.  The Democrats opposed were:

Bayh-IN, Biden-DE, Clinton-NY, Dodd-CT, Inouye-HI, Landrieu-LA, Lautenberg-NJ, Lieberman-CT, Lincoln-AR, Nelson-FL, Nelson-NE, Pryor-AR, Rockefeller-WV, Salazar-CO, Schumer-NY.

In addition to the terrible suffering caused by these weapons, this was an important vote because of the general reluctance of Senators to vote for anything that could be interpreted as “anti-Israel.”  The fact that 30 Senators voted yes is an important victory on which we should build.

Please thank your Senator if he or she voted for this legislation, and encourage them to continue to press for its passage using this link.

If your Senator opposed the legislation, please express your opposition to their vote and encourage them to support such legislation in the future using this link.

The roll call showing how Senators voted is here.

For recent press coverage of this issue, visit the Web site of Just Foreign Policy:

Robert Naiman is national coordinator of the D.C.-based advocacy group Just Foreign Policy.

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