Hassan Juma’a, President of Iraqi Federation of Oil Union

حسن جمعه عواد الاسدي
رئيس اتحاد نقابات النفط

Hassan Juma’a Awad al Assadi, President of the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions (IFOU), spoke to over 200 people at Friends Meeting House in London on Wednesday, 18 July 2007.  The IFOU represents 26,000 workers across Iraq.  They have struck three times against the privatization of Iraqi oil and have forced the Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki to negotiate with them.  Despite this, the IFOU is still an illegal organization  Hassan describes the union’s campaign against the proposed Hydrocarbon Law, which will see much of Iraq’s oil wealth fall into the hands of foreign oil companies.  This video was made by Adrian Cousins: <www.youtube.com/user/adycousins>.

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