US Imperialism, Dutch Government, Arroyo Regime Ganging Up on Ka Joema — CPP

August 31, 2007 — The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today said US imperialism, the Dutch government and the Arroyo puppet regime are ganging up on CPP founding chairman and National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) Senior Political Consultant Jose Maria Sison.   Sison was arrested last Tuesday on trumped-up and politically motivated murder charges, detained in the national penitentiary in The Hague and is scheduled for indictment today.

CPP spokesperson Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal in a statement said that “The imperialists and the puppet regime in the Philippines are presently ganging up on Ka Joema after having shackled him.  It is the task of freedom- and democracy-loving people in the Philippines and around the world to protest vigorously in order to defend his rights and safeguard his life,” said Rosal.

Rosal was reacting to statements earlier this morning by US Ambassador Kristie Kenney saying her government will extend support to the Dutch government to prosecute Sison.  She added that the “crackdown” against the NDFP is “a good thing.”

Rosal urged democratic rights organizations and people in the country and across the world to be vigilant against the possibility of having Sison extrajudicially transferred to US authority.  According to Rosal, the US has had standing plans to subject Sison to extraordinary rendition and imprisoned either in Guantanamo Bay or some other secret US facility.

Rosal also warned against intentions of the Arroyo regime to have Sison repatriated and thus set him up for the kill by its death squads.

“Ka Joema’s arrest by Dutch police gratifies the US imperialists vexed at his sharp critical tirades against their oppression and exploitation of the world’s people.  He has been tireless and vigorous in promoting the anti-imperialist and people’s struggles across the globe,” said Rosal.

“The US government as well as its reactionary puppet regime in the Philippines have long wanted the Dutch government to clamp down on the NDFP’s international solidarity work based in The Netherlands and put a stop to Sison’s leading role in the reinvigoration of the international communist movement and the growing anti-imperialist and people’s struggles across the world,” Rosal said.

He added: “Ka Joema’s authorship of key definitive articles and speeches exposing the rottenness of US imperialism, reasserting the correctness of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist revolution and exhorting the people to rise up in resistance have increasingly been important contributions to the resurgence of the anti-imperialist and people’s struggles.”

“US imperialism and its Dutch and local allies are thus terrified of Sison and is only too glad to help do away with him,” Rosal said.

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