The Cost of War

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Defund the war in Iraq
Refund human needs at home and in Iraq

The estimated cost of the first four years of the Iraq War is $1 trillion.

For what we have spent for just ONE DAY of the Iraq War, we could have funded:

* 95,364 Head Start Places for Children or
* 12,478 Elementary School Teachers or
* 163,525 People with Health Care or
* 34,904 Four Year College Scholarships or
* 6,482 Families with Homes

Please sign the DEFUND/REFUND petition below to shift war funding to support human needs here and real solutions in Iraq.

To Members of Congress:

U.S. military personnel continue to die in Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have died since the U.S. invasion and 4 million have fled their homes. U.S. taxpayers have contributed more than $1 trillion to pay for the current and future costs of the first four years of war.

We, the undersigned, urge you to take action to bring the U.S. troops home from Iraq and take care of their needs upon return; to fund aid for the humanitarian crisis in Iraq and an eventual Iraqi-led repair and reconstruction; and to fund critical human needs here in the United States.

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