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  • Obama and Romney Iowa Campaign Offices Occupied by Peace Activists: Third Day of Nonviolent Resistance to Iraq Occupation during Iowa Presidential Primary

    Des Moines — Opponents of the occupation of Iraq today occupied the Iowa campaign headquarters of presidential candidates U.S. Senator Barak Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, waiting for a response to a letter requesting them to oppose any more spending for the war or occupation and foreswear an attack on Iran. Romney Office […]

  • Fear and Loathing in Bolivia: New Constitution, Polarization

    Right & Left confront at blockade “Let’s go unblock the road, compañeros!” a man in an old baseball cap yells as he joins a group of people hauling rocks and tires from a central intersection in Cochabamba.  This group of students and union activists are mobilizing against a civic strike led by middle-class foot soldiers […]

  • Pakistan: Notes on a Tragedy

    In the next few weeks we shall witness a torrent of sorrow and regret, as any such horrific loss of life should provoke.  But clearly the story is unfinished, despite the seeming finality of Benazir Bhutto’s murder. In two suicide attacks inside Pakistan since October, at least 160 have been slaughtered, including the country’s former […]

  • When Neoliberalism Implodes

      Left Perspectives on the Current Political Economy A Discussion with Robert Brenner and Sam Gindin Moderated by Vivek Chibber 7 December 2007, Brecht Forum Your browser does not support the audio element. Robert Brenner is a professor of history at UCLA.  Sam Gindin is Packer Chair in Social Justice at York University, Toronto.  Vivek […]

  • Binayak Sen — A Mother’s Appeal

      I am a woman in my eighties.  When we were young, people were inspired by the examples of karmayogis who were patriotic, motivated by ideals of service, wise and virtuous.  We considered ourselves blessed if we could follow in their footsteps. I had so far been a silent spectator to the injustice and violence […]