A Statement of Solidarity and Support for the “Freightliner 5” from Three Former UAW International Union Executive Board Members

Sister Swinford and Brothers Bradley, Crisco, Torrence, and Whitside,

We would like to add our voice and the legacy of our many years within the UAW ranks and leadership to the call for a full and unconditional restoration of your rights as employees of the Freightliner/Daimler Corporation and members our union.  Our union was founded in struggle by workers with great courage and conviction.  We can not honor those early workers who, in their time, put it all on the line and suffered injustice as you suffer injustice today if we do not honor and support your struggle.

Today’s relentless assault on all workers must be met by a full and vigorous response from a labor movement which must again come to the collective understanding that “an injury to one is an injury to all.”  For those who may want to turn a blind eye to the core value and unifying purpose of your struggle, we say, “Wake up and rejoin the ranks of solidarity unionism.”  Anti-union employers such as Freightliner/Daimler can not be permitted to treat workers as you have been treated.  There is only one side in the struggle for justice for workers and unions to be on and that is the side of courageous fighters like the five of you.

In Solidarity,

Former UAW Regional Directors
Jerry Tucker, Warren Davis, Paul Schrade

9 May 2008

To our unjustly fired Freightliner/Daimler Brothers & Sister and to all attending the International Day of Action for Justice in Cleveland, NC today and in behalf of CLR we want to extend our pledge of solidarity and support to you in this critical struggle for justice.

Your determination to wage a principled resistance to the anti-union actions of the Freightliner/Daimler Corporation in defense of your co-workers and local union represents a beacon of inspiration to workers everywhere.  We know you have faced hardship and unprovoked intimidation in the course of the lengthy struggle, and yet you ‘stand.’  Your great courage and fortitude is a lesson for us all.  You have our continued support and commitment as the struggle for justice there and for workers everywhere is waged.

In Solidarity,

The Center for Labor Renewal Steering Committee:
Bill Fletcher, Jr., Charles Jenkins, Elly Leary
Tracy Tucker, Jerry Tucker

For more information, visit <www.justice4five.com/>.

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