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Archive | January, 2009

Iceland: The Fall of the Neoliberal Government

First, Prime Minister Geir Haarde.  Then, Commerce Minister Bjorgvin Sigurdsson.  Now, Jónas Fr. Jónsson, director of the Financial Supervisory Authority (FME), and the entire FME board.  Ministers and officials are quitting one by one, unable to withstand the wrath of the people of Iceland demanding their immediate resignation.  Haarde’s proposal that new elections be held […]

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MST: 25 Years of Stubbornness

  In January 1984, mass movements began to rise again in Brazil.  The working class was reorganizing, accumulating organic forces.  Underground parties, such as the Brazilian Communist Party (PCB), the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB), etc., were already in the streets.  We had won only a partial amnesty, but a majority of exiles had returned. […]

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BBC Spurns Gaza Appeal

There is an urgent need for humanitarian aid in Gaza.  So far, the death toll is more than 1,200, including nearly 300 children.  Pictures broadcast around the world prompted the UK Disasters Emergency Committee, an organization which brings together 13 of the UK’s biggest charities, including the Red Cross and Oxfam, to broadcast an appeal […]

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Getting the Questions Right

This is the story of a Canadian woman who started to explore economic issues.  The difficulties she encountered along the way led her to the conclusion that there are certain questions that can’t be answered theoretically but only practically, by people like herself.  The same discovery could have been made by someone, male or female, […]

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Italy’s Most Powerful Union: Prosecute Israeli War Crimes, Suspend EU-Israel Agreement

Federazione Impiegati Operai Metallurgici nazionale (FIOM), the largest metalworkers union in Italy, whose membership numbers 360,000, called for prosecution of Israeli officials for war crimes and suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement as well as of the military cooperation agreement between Italy and Israel.  The following is FIOM’s 13 January 2009 statement on Gaza published […]

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SEIU’s Hostile Takeover of UHW Begins

What happens when 91 percent of eligible Service Employees International Union members refuse to vote, as the two options given to them exclude the option many of them say they want?  Just ask the international executive board of the SEIU.  After the embarrassing nine percent vote, the SEIU board voted January 9 to merge three […]

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Farewell the Nightingales

“This is one local aspect* of a problem which is actually global.” — Dennis Brutus Farewell the Nightingales Walking the streets of the Shah’s Tehran I was conscious of lurking Savak — cries of tortured victims hung in the dusk even as I lingered over buttered long-grain rice in a dim bistro’s magic cave: That […]

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Behind the Myths about Hamas

Most mainstream accounts of the Palestinian Hamas organization present it as a bunch of rabid fanatics, bent on violence and motivated by an irrational hatred of Jews and the state of Israel.  This view is reflected both in the mainstream media and in many books published on the topic. When we separate propaganda from reality, […]

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Iceland: Storming the Althingi

On 20 January 2009, parliament in Iceland resumed after the holidays.  But no business as usual for the Icelandic politicians any more.  People began to besiege the parliament building, demanding early elections and not taking “No” for an answer.  Writing for the Guardian today, Eirikur Bergmann described the political atmosphere in Iceland thus: “While Barack […]

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The Coronation of the New Emperor

Around the world hundreds of millions of people witnessed the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States (US), or rather the coronation of the new “emperor.”  Even at the bottom tip of Africa, it was difficult to escape the scenes of imperial grandeur that beamed across television sets.  As was the case with […]

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Ron Carey

Ron Carey Memorial Meeting, 28.02.09

Dear Friend: To become a listed (or unlisted) sponsor of this Saturday, Feb. 28 tribute to Ron Carey, please RSVP via the email address below and send a check for $100 (made out to “TRF“) to P.O. Box 10303, Detroit, Michigan, 48210.  See this flyer for list of tribute sponsors so far.  Event co-chairs are […]

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Percentage Change in Vote Distribution in Hesse since 1946

Elections in Hesse

Sunday’s special elections in the German state of Hesse were the first in a year jammed full of state and national votes.  The two main results: the right-wing incumbent Ronald Koch won again; and the young party, the Left, again overcame the 5 percent barrier to win six seats in the state legislature. In the […]

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