April Delegation to Venezuela: Human Rights, Food Sovereignty, and Social Change

The Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of New York invites you to join us in April for a 10-day trip to Venezuela examining advances in food sovereignty and other initiatives for social change.  Start off in the capital city of Caracas, then travel to four additional states, including visits to newly formed cooperative farms and rural development projects in the countryside; community and national media outlets; government-sponsored social programs, including Mercal markets and Barrio Adentro medical clinics, and much more.  Meet with farmers, community leaders, and government officials.  Sightseeing and visits to some of the country’s beautiful beaches and other natural areas will also be included.  This is an article in Monthly Review about our last trip to Venezuela: Fred Magdoff, “Reflections on Venezuela: Food, Health, Democracy, and a Hope for a Better World” (4 February 2008).  Basic information is below, and more information will be forthcoming.

Anyone interested should email cbalbertolovera@ gmail.com as soon as possible.  Space is limited.

  • When: April 8 to 18, 2009
  • Where: Start and end in Caracas; visits to the states of Guarico and Yaracuy
  • Cost for Airfare: $870.  A limited number of tickets are currently reserved at this price!
  • Cost for Activities: $700.  This will cover all lodging, all transportation, and some meals for the duration of the trip.  Additional expenses will be minimal.