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  • Iran: Artists Campaign for Mousavi

    Green Stars (including Manijeh Hekmat, Masoud Kimiaei, Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Dariush Mehrjui, Fatemeh Motamed-Aria, Kiumars Pourahmad) Mousavi Campaign Film, Directed by Dariush Mehrjui Mohsen Namjoo, “Hamrah Sho Aziz” Mohsen Makhmalbaf in Support of Mir-Hossein Mousavi Zahra Rahnavard (Wife of Mousavi), a Woman of Art and Ideas See, also, Shiva Balaghi, “An Artist as President of the […]

  • July Delegation to Venezuela: Human Rights, Food Sovereignty, and Social Change

    A food sovereignty delegation from the Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of New York visits La Vela de Coro, Falcón, Venezuela.  Video by Diego Gerena-Quiñones. The Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of New York invites you to join us in July for a 10-day trip to Venezuela examining advances in food sovereignty and other initiatives for social […]

  • Solidarity with the Indigenous Peoples of the Peruvian Amazon!

    Washington DC, 8 June 2009 Washington DC, 8 June 2009 Washington DC, 8 June 2009 Washington DC, 8 June 2009 Washington, DC, 5 June 2009 Washington, DC, 5 June 2009 Lima, 5 June 2009 Lima, 27 May 2009 Los Angeles, 26 May 2009 Los Angeles, 26 May 2009 United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, […]

  • Peru’s Amazon Indigenous Peoples Need You to TAKE ACTION Now!

    60 Die in Peru Rainforest Protest Send a Message to the President of Peru June 5, 2009 URGENT ACTION ALERT Peru’s Amazon Indigenous Peoples need you to TAKE ACTION now! Tell the Peruvian Government: Immediately suspend violent repression of indigenous protests and the State of Emergency Repeal the Free Trade Laws that allow oil, logging, […]

  • Ideas for the Struggle #3 To Be at the Service of Popular Movements, Not to Displace Them

    This is the third in a series of articles on “Ideas for the Struggle” by Marta Harnecker. 1.  We have said before that politics is the art of constructing a social and political force capable of changing the balance of forces in order to make possible tomorrow what appears impossible today.  But, to be able […]

  • Brazil: Revisited

    “A modern city, warts and all.” — Dennis Brutus Dawnlight seeps slowly into Sao Paulo skies as if reluctant to rediscover old betrayals or disclose new ones in Lula’s disappointed lands (IMF/World Bank scoundrels have tenacious as well as rapacious ravening claws) but trees silhouetted against pale skies against malodorous ditches assert irrepressible growth, undeterrable […]

  • Obama’s Speech in Cairo

    On Thursday the 4th of June, at the Islamic University of Al-Azhar in Cairo, Obama gave a speech of special interest to those of us who are closely following his political actions given the enormous might of the superpower he leads. I cite his very own words to indicate what I think are the basic ideas he expressed, thus summarizing his speech to save time. Not only do we have to know that he spoke but also what he said.

  • Joe Higgins, “the Best Fighter Money Can’t Buy,” Elected as MEP

    Joe Higgins of the Socialist Party, receiving 82,366 votes (of which 50,510 were first preference votes), was elected to the Dublin Constituency for the European Parliament. Listen to Higgins’ speech to the media after his victory. “This is a roar of opposition by ordinary people in Dublin to the savage policies of the Fianna Fáil-Green […]

  • People’s Summit

    Four Days of Active Resistance, Political Discussion, and Strategizing for a “People’s Stimulus Plans” and an “Economic Bill of Rights” for Working People and the Poor For more information, go to or . Phone: 313.671.3715 or 887.4344.  Email:>.

  • Israel: Manof’s Local “Loyalty Oath,” Designed to Bar Arabs

    A community in northern Israel has changed its bylaws to demand that new residents pledge support for “Zionism, Jewish heritage and settlement of the land” in a thinly veiled attempt to block Arab applicants from gaining admission. Critics are calling the bylaw, adopted by Manof, home to 170 Jewish families in Galilee, a local “loyalty […]

  • Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem

      This video was brought online on 4 June 2009, to conincide with Barack Obama’s speech in Cairo on the same day.  According to Max Blumenthal, the video was censored by the Huffington Post: “Censored by the Huffington Post and Imprisoned by the Past: Why I Made ‘Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem’” (Mondoweiss, 6 June […]

  • Victory!  Veolia Abandons Jerusalem Light Rail Project under Political Pressure

    VICTORY! In the first smashing and convincing victory of the global BDS movement in the field of corporate responsibility and ethical compliance, Veolia is reportedly abandoning the Jerusalem Light Rail project, an illegal project that aims at connecting Israeli colonies built on occupied Palestinian territory to the city of Jerusalem. As the Haaretz article below* […]

  • The Atrocity Exhibition

    Some Brief Notes on Congolese History Since its inception the Congo has been raped.  Its origins as a state are unique within African history, initiated, as it was, not as a colony but as the personal property of King Leopold II of Belgium; an obscene figure whose 23-year reign was cloaked in the empty rhetoric […]

  • The Constantly Widening Gap between Words and Deeds

    There are political circles and commentators who live from minute to minute.  For them, every squeak from a world leader is a virtual earthquake, a real revolution.  This is especially true now that we are dealing with a US president, who is handsome, articulate, and even eloquent.  The present level of manipulated excitement stems from […]

  • Yes, We Can!

    Mohamed Gaber is a graphic designer and photographer in Cairo, Egypt.  Check out his blog Egyptian Leftist at .

  • Towards a Great German Oil Empire

      Dietrich Eichholtz.  Krieg um Öl: Ein Erdölimperium als deutsches Kriegsziel 1938-1943.  Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag, 2006.  141 pp.  ISBN 978-3-86583-119-4; EUR 19.90 (paper), ISBN 978-3-86583-119-4. Dietrich Eichholtz does not mince words.  From the first page of this powerfully argued book, his underlying argument is clear: “The imperialist interest in oil played a role in the […]

  • A Ridiculous Response to a Defeat

    Yesterday in the afternoon, while thoroughly analyzing the speech delivered by Obama at the Muslim University of Cairo, I received some reports published by the news agencies with the weird information that two retired persons more than 70 years old had been arrested on charges of having been spying for the government of Cuba for 30 years. Almost all the important western press agencies – eight of them- disseminated the news.

  • After the Debate: Supporters of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Mir-Hossein Mousavi

    Ahmadinejad Supporters in Vali Asr Square, 15 Khordad 1388 (5 June 2009) Mousavi Supporters in Vali Asr Square, 15 Khordad 1388 (5 June 2009) Vali Asr Square, 14 Khordad 1388 (4 June 2009) Tajrish Square, 14 Khordad 1388 (4 June 2009) Ariashahr Square, 14 Khordad 1388 (4 June 2009) Vanak Square, 13 Khordad 1388 (3 […]

  • GM’s Tragedy: The System Strikes Back

    The greatest tragedies among many in the collapse and bankruptcy of General Motors concern what is not happening.  There are those solutions to GM’s problems not being considered by Obama’s administration.  There are the solutions not being demanded by the United Auto Workers Union (UAW).  There are all the solutions not even being discussed by […]

  • After Mass Protests . . . Maximum Penalties Imposed in Racially-charged Va. Murder Case

    Thanks to a determined public campaign led by the victim’s family, a partial victory has been won in the legal battle surrounding the murder of a popular high school student in Powhatan County, Va. On June 4, after months of mass marches and rallies that have mobilized as many as 700 people in this rural […]