Afghan Women Say No More Troops

“I’m a representative of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), which was established in 1977 as a women’s organization struggling for women’s rights.  But, after the former Soviet Union’s invasion, RAWA got involved in resistance against the Soviets and the puppet regime of theirs.  After 1992, RAWA started to focus on anti-fundamentalist struggle, which is continuing today. . . .  We are still suffering in the chains of fundamentalism – from one side, the Taliban, from the other side, the Northern Alliance and the occupiers.  So we have a long way to go to achieve our goals of democracy, freedom, and secularism.  I think eight years is quite enough time to prove that the US-NATO occupation of Afghanistan, under the banner of bringing democracy, women’s rights, and war on terror, has completely failed. . . .  The Taliban have 80% of Afghanistan under their control.  They are increasing, day by day, in number, and they are also getting stronger politically and militarily.  So, we see that this so-called war on terrorism has just affected our innocent civilians: our women and children are being killed, attacked by US bombs, by NATO bombs.  It seems that the US invaded Afghanistan not to get rid of terrorism but to punish our people who were already suffering from three decades of war. . . .  RAWA strongly believes that throwing more troops in will not solve the crisis of Afghanistan.  It will even make the situation worse than before.” — Zoya

Video by Roger Routh.  This video was made on the occasion of Zoya’s visit to Des Moines, Iowa, one of the stops during her US speaking tour.  Zoya’s Des Moines visit was sponsored by the University of Iowa Anti-war Committee, the Des Moines Catholic Worker, the American Friends Service Committee, UI Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, and the International League of Women Voters.  The text above is an edited partial transcript of the video.

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