Lynne Stewart Update


23 November 2009

Hello All,

It’s taken me a minute to report on Lynne because I have waited to talk to attorneys after they have visited with her firsthand to discuss Lynne’s situation, needs, and other matters.

Lynne Stewart
150 Park Row
New York, NY 10007

Above is Lynne’s mailing address.  All mail (except legal mail) is subject to opening and reading by the institution.  Legal mail must be opened in front of the inmate.  Lynne will greatly appreciate getting beautiful cards and thoughtful letters.  Please remember to write to her now and as time goes along.

Our main focus at this time is the next court date.  Lynne has a 28-month sentence.  If you have read the 2nd Circuit decision (and you can by going to the web site for the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, look under decisions and you will find USA v. Stewart), you will find that the sentence that Lynne has received is threatened, meaning it could go higher.  Our goal is to show the steadfast support that Lynne has from the community, Lynne Stewart’s good deeds throughout her life, and the fact that she had been out since her arrest in 2002 with no incidents, her age, her health — all demand NO MORE TIME than she already has.  Of course, we don’t think that she should be doing any jail time at all, but we must be realistic and fight for attainable goals.


Lynne’s attorneys will continue to fight her case all the way to the Supreme Court.  That is our long-term battle.  Our short-term battle is to fill that courtroom on each and every occasion there is court, to let the Justice Department know that there are many concerned people and that Lynne is precious to us.  We can protect her, when the eyes of many are on her and her situation.

We do not know how long Lynne will remain in MCC/NY.  She has court appearances ahead and a resentencing, this could be a long time.  She is required to make a visiting list, and there is a form to fill out; people will need to be approved and the list is not endless, so all may not have access to her.  Attorneys of record can visit her, meaning those attorneys working on her legal case.  But attorneys who cannot visit her can play an important role as attorneys, in standing by Lynne Stewart and thinking of ways unique to their profession to show the support Lynne dearly needs.

Lynne loves to read and it is important to note that all books and publications must come from the publisher and mailed directly to Lynne.  I will be asking Lynne for a list of reading requests and if folks want to send her a book, let’s coordinate our efforts so that she doesn’t get more than 1 copy of the same book, etc.  Lynne will need commissary money.  You can visit the website for the United States Bureau of Prisons (just type that into your search engine); under “inmate matters,” you will see the option telling you how to send money to an inmate.  You can do it through Western Union, using their website, or at a store, send what you can.  If you would like to let me know by email that you are sending her this or that, so that we can coordinate things, I would be happy to help.

Lastly, tonight, I want you all to know that your support over the years means the world to Lynne.  I miss not talking to her every day, sometimes many times a day.  It is important to me that we keep Lynne in the present with us every day and that strategies and decisions are run by her first to the extent possible.  All who want to continue to send out the word about Lynne to their own contingency should continue of course.

Stay tuned for future updates and developments.

Pat Levasseur

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