The Barefoot Doctors of Rural China


Cf.  “In Mao’s era the health of the population was one of the country’s proudest boasts.  But the market-oriented reforms of the 1980s and 1990s gradually shattered the country’s social safety nets, including its once famous healthcare system, making it difficult for many rural and urban residents to afford treatment.  In reaction to this, a burgeoning protective counter-movement emerged in recent years.  A growing number of people, including government decision-makers, have come to realize not only that relying primarily on the free market to finance and provide health care would inevitably lead to reduced access to health services for the poor and the vulnerable, but that since health is so important to everyone’s wellbeing, it should never be allowed to flounder at the mercy of the market.  The Chinese government has now committed itself to restoring an affordable and equitable healthcare system.” — Wang Shaoguang, “China’s Double Movement in Health Care” (Socialist Register 46, 2010)

This film was released in 1975.  Uploaded by Public.Resource.Org, a non-profit organization that helps channel the public domain by obtaining government videos and posting them online.

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