French Regional Elections 2010

The Guide to the Regional Elections
The Guide to the Regional Elections
First Round                      Second Round

Le Monde reports: “The Left obtained 59% of the votes in six metropolitan regions where it dueled with the Right, according to TNS-Sofres/Logica.  In 12 regions where there were triangle races joined by the National Front, the Socialist Party and its allies scored 49%, against 33.5% for the Right and 17.5% for the National Front” (“La gauche confirme son succès, l’Alsace reste à droite,” 21 March 2010).  The Right held on to Alsace and captured Réunion.  The abstention rate is estimated to be between 49% and 49.5% this time, slightly lower than in the first round (53.6%), but much higher than in the second round of the 2004 regional elections (34.32%).

See, also, “Elections Régionales : le rejet de Sarkozy” (L’Humanité, 21 March 2010).

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