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  • Honduras: Teachers and Students Resist Repression

    Last Thursday and Friday (August 26-27), police and military violently repressed public school teachers who have taken to the streets for almost 3 weeks to demand, amongst other things, that the Pepe Lobo regime return 4 billion lempiras (or some 200 million dollars) that were taken from the National Institute of IMPREMA, an institution that […]

  • Challenging Islamophobia: An Assessment of the “Ground Zero Mosque” Debate

    Depending on the poll one consults, anywhere from 54 percent to 61 percent, and as many as 68 percent of Americans, oppose the building of an Islamic community center two blocks from “Ground Zero,” the site of the World Trade Center.  Polls, of course, are notoriously inaccurate measures of public opinion.  Depending on the framing […]

  • President Obama’s Rebranded Occupation of Iraq

    Veterans for Peace president Mike Ferner responds to President Obama’s rebranded occupation of Iraq. A veteran’s perspective makes it clear that two major points must be made in response to President Obama’s announcement regarding combat troops leaving Iraq. First, there is no such thing as “non-combat troops.”  It is a contradiction in terms.  It is […]

  • Burning Down the House: Where the Housing Market Is Going

    The howls of surprised economists were everywhere last week as the government reported on Tuesday that July had the sharpest single-month plunge in existing home sales on record.  The next day the Commerce Department reported that new home sales hit a post-war low in July. All the economists who had told us that the housing […]

  • Peace

    Adel Yaraghi is an Iranian filmmaker. | Print

  • Nonsense from Deficit Hawks Threatens to Keep Tens of Millions Needlessly Unemployed

    The New York Times told readers that the Fed’s ability to take steps to boost the economy are limited because: The dramatic expansion of the national debt — which began in the Bush administration, via hefty tax cuts and two wars — has ratcheted up fears that, one day, creditors like China and Japan might […]

  • Who Will Allow Brazil to Reach Its Economic Potential?

    The biggest economic question facing Brazil, as for most developing countries, is when it will achieve its potential economic growth.  For Brazil, there is a simple, most relevant comparison: its pre-1980 — or pre-neoliberal — past. From 1960-1980, income per person — the most basic measure that economists have of economic progress — in Brazil […]

  • 238 Reasons to be Worried, Part 2

    June 21: AFP: Brazil refused to go on mediating on the Iranian nuclear subject after the US and other powers rejected the agreement for exchange signed in May by Iran and Turkey, as declared this Monday by Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim to The Financial Times.

  • Iran’s Nuclear Program

    Fahd Bahady is a Syrian cartoonist.  This cartoon was published in his blog on 5 January 2010; it is reproduced here for non-profit educational purposes. | Print

  • 238 Reasons to be Worried, Part 1

    We are living in an exceptional moment of human history. Starting from a period in which it was divided into Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Contemporary History. Not the history we were studying in school 75 years ago but the history brilliantly described by Karl Marx as Pre-history. That would be the result of the incredible […]

  • Iran’s Proposal to Russia: Enrichment Is Still Key

    August 26, 2010 Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, said today that the Islamic Republic has proposed to Russia that the two countries create a joint consortium to fabricate fuel for the Bushehr reactor and other nuclear power plants that Iran plans to build in the future.  Salehi reportedly […]

  • Israel/Palestine and the Apartheid Analogy: Critics, Apologists and Strategic Lessons (Part 2)

    I.  Apartheid of a Special Type In the previous section I made a distinction between historical apartheid (unique to South Africa) and apartheid in its generic form — a structured system of political exclusion and social marginalization on the basis of origins (including but not restricted to race).  I concluded that Israel is different from […]

  • Pachamama and Progress: Conflicting Visions for Latin America’s Future

    Miners in Potosí, Bolivia set off sticks of dynamite as cold winter winds zipped through the city, passing street barricades, protests, hunger strikers, and an occupied electrical plant.  These actions took place from late July to mid-August against the perceived neglect of the Evo Morales administration toward the impoverished Potosí region. This showdown in Bolivia […]

  • The Greek Laboratory: Shock Doctrine and Popular Resistance

    5 May 2010 “There is a shadow of something colossal and menacing that even now is beginning to fall across the land.  Call it the shadow of an oligarchy, if you will; it is the nearest I dare approximate it.  What its nature may be I refuse to imagine.  But what I wanted to say […]

  • Karzai and Zardari

    Uncle Sam tries to batter down the door to the Taliban stronghold . . . by banging the heads of Karzai and Zardari, not his own, against it. Fahd Bahady is a Syrian cartoonist.  This cartoon was published in his blog on 24 August 2010; it is reproduced here for non-profit educational purposes.  The text […]

  • The Opinion of an Expert

    If I were to be asked who best knows about Israeli thinking, I would answer that without question it is Jeffrey Goldberg. He is an indefatigable journalist, capable of having dozens of meetings to ascertain how some Israeli leader or intellectual may think. He is not neutral, of course; he is pro-Israel, without question. When […]

  • The Parent Company Trap

    Fox News accuses the Kingdom Foundation, which has funded (State Department-approved) Imam Feisal “I-Am-a-Supporter-of-the-State-of-Israel” Abdul Rauf of the Cordoba Initiative (dubbed “Ground Zero Mosque” and even “Terror Mosque” by the nutty Right) in the past, of also funding “radical madrasas all over the world.”  But it fails to mention that the Kingdom Foundation is a […]

  • Remittances, Migration, and Other Panaceas: The End of Outward-looking Development Strategies?

      In a 1965 essay, the great development economist Albert Hirschman bemoaned the tendency of those in his profession to look for the next panacea.  Unfortunately, various panaceas have come in and out of fashion since Hirschman wrote. During three decades of neo-liberalism, development economists and policymakers have celebrated three inter-related strategies: (1) free markets, […]

  • The Tower: A Songspiel

    “Our city will be the Dubai of the North.  Just think about it.  We were the Venice of the North, but we’ll become the Dubai of the North.  We have to keep in step with the times.  The first step is the Gazprom Tower.” Film Concept: Dmitry Vilensky and Olga Egorova (Tsaplya).  Director: Tsaplya.  Screenplay: […]

  • Whose Recovery?  What Double Dip?

    Is there an economic recovery underway?  Was there one that has now stopped?  Will our current recession, partly recovered from, now tumble downward again in a second or “double” dip?  Mainstream politicians, journalists, and academics are engaged in hot and heavy debates about recoveries and double dips.  Yet the economic reality for most Americans is […]