Interview with Sandy Pope: Labor’s Struggle for Self-Determination


Sandy Pope is the president of Teamsters Local 805.  Her supporters are now engaged in a nationwide petition drive to gather 40,000 signatures from dues-paying Teamster members by 3 December 2010, so she can challenge Jimmy Hoffa in the Teamster General President election to be held in October 2011.  This interview was broadcast by GRITtv on 2 September 2010.  See, also, Marsha Niemeijer, “Reform Officer Takes on Challenges Facing Women in Both the Teamsters and the Workplace” (Labor Notes, 1 December 2003); Mark Brenner, “Immigration Targets Warehouse Workers Just Before Union Election” (Labor Notes, 27 December 2007); Mischa Gaus, “Don’t Subsidize Lousy Jobs, Say Teamsters in New York Warehouse Drive” (Labor Notes, 19 February 2010); and Sandy Pope for Teamster General President, the official Sandy Pope Campaign Web site.

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