What Hillary Rodham Clinton Really Meant to Say on Egypt


Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton: We are deeply scared about our empire in the region and slightly embarrassed that we fund the Egyptian security forces to repress their own people, and we call on the 30-year dictatorship in Egypt to do everything in its power to protect our interests. . . .  As we repeatedly say, we promote human rights for the privileged, when it is politically beneficial to us, including freedom of expression, except in our own country if you engage with any dissident groups. . . .  As Obama said yesterday, reform, but not an inspiring revolution, is critical in Egypt.  Egypt has long been an important puppet of the United States on a range of financial issues.  As a partner, we won’t know what to do if the political climate in the region changes. . . .  As I said in Doha, leaders we install need to prevent this type of revolution from happening and to help ensure the rich can live extravagantly at the expense of our collective resources.

Uploaded to YouTube by Media4Movement on 30 January 2011.  The text above is an excerpt from the subtitles of the video.

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