Iran on Libya War: Libyans Must Prevent Foreign Powers from Controlling Their Country

Iran has called on the Libyan nation to prevent foreign countries from taking control of their country.  Foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said a review of what some domineering foreign countries have done in the past reveals the true intentions for attacking Libya.  He said those countries seemingly advocate human rights but are in fact looking to secure their own interests and gain control of other nations.  Mehmanparast accused some Western powers of seeking a modern form of colonization through expanding their military bases on foreign territory.

This report was released on 20 March 2011.  Cf. “Iranian Leader Warns against Western Military Intervention in Libya” (RIA Novosti, 15 March 2011); “Ahmadinejad: West Should Neither Intervene, Nor Impose No-Fly Zone in Libya” (Al-Manar TV, 16 March 2011).

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