Disturbing Events in Dara’a


Syrian citizens have been shocked by the disturbing events taking place in Dara’a for the last few days, during which violence led to the death of innocent young people, the destruction of public as well as private properties, and demonstrations and unjustified violence.  Demands were raised, some dealing with Dara’a, others going beyond the borders of the governorate.

We believe that, given the current conditions in the Arab region, listening to the demands of the masses and responding to their grievances is more important than ever.  More than ever before, the response should be positive, aiming to quickly restore the spirit of tranquility and dialogue.  Anything that inflames feelings and situations should be avoided.  National unity must be ensured.  In order to achieve all these things, social as well as political reforms should be implemented nationwide.  That would block the path before those who do not care about achieving such legitimate demands and are interested only in achieving their political goals of endangering national unity and the national strategy of the country.

To promptly respond to the demands of the masses, to avoid using the security approach, to refrain from the unjustified use of violence, to hold accountable all officials responsible for misconduct, to hold accountable those who attacked public and private properties, we believe, are very urgent and necessary measures to help restore normal life to this dear governorate.  That would also block the path of those wishing to exploit the current conditions to achieve their ill-famed objectives.

The original article أحــــــداث مقــــلقـــــة في درعـــــا was published in An-Nour, the organ of the Syrian Communist Party (Unified), on 23 March 2011.

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