The Syrian Communist Party (Unified) Emphasizes the Importance of National Unity and Investigation of the Causes of the Recent Events

The Syrian Communist Party (Unified) would like to reiterate what its newspaper An-Nour said on Wednesday, 23 March 2011: it is necessary to restore normal life to Dara’a Governorate, to effectively deal with the consequences of the deplorable events which took place last week, and to do the following while dealing with the problems:

1. To investigate the causes that led to the events in question.

2. To hold accountable those who are responsible — whether they are security or administrative officials — for them, especially the misconduct committed as the security forces dealt with the events, using disproportionate violence against innocent individuals.

3. To condemn the acts of vandalism committed against public as well as private properties.

4. To meet the legitimate demands of the governorate of Dara’a.

5. To immediately release all those who have been detained due to the aforementioned events.

6. To immediately implement the general political and social reforms adopted by the national leadership of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party and announced by Mrs. Bouthaina Shaaban, the political and information advisor to the presidency.  The reforms include: repeal of the emergency laws; adoption of a law for political parties; adoption of a new law for media; the strengthening of the power of the judiciary to prohibit arbitrary detention; development of new mechanisms to combat corruption and to review governance; revision of Decree 49 regarding the border regions; and so on.

We believe, moreover, that it is necessary to reconsider the economic measures adopted in recent years, especially those promoting the free market economy which have negatively affected the country, especially the poor and middle strata of the population.

There are also other demands that we believe need to be addressed, especially those related to the 1962 Al-Hasakah census and those concerning the reduction of the price of fuels for agricultural production.

We believe that to remove the dark clouds over the skies of the beloved governorate of Dara’a, to help heal the wounds, to respect the feelings of people, and to pray for the martyrs who lost their lives would help us overcome this crisis, create appropriate conditions that would allow us to resume normal life and to block the path of those who would like to exploit these deplorable events, particularly the circles opposing the national course adopted by our country which opposes the American and Zionist plans aiming only to bring destruction and catastrophe to our country as well as to the Arab nation.

The promised political, economic, and social reforms are a turning point in the history of our country, so the efforts of all faithful patriots should be united to help expedite their implementation.

Peace be upon the souls of martyrs.
Sincere condolences to their families and relatives.
Long live national unity in our beloved Arab Syria.

Damascus, 28 March 2011
Syrian Communist Party (Unified)

The original statement الشيوعي السوري (الموحد) يؤكد أهمية تمتين الوحدة الوطنية التحقيــق في الأســـباب التي أدت إلى أحـداث is available at the An-Nour Web site.

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