Arming the Libyan Rebels


Jon Stewart:

Jon Stewart: Oh, people, we are now into our third week of a military bombing campaign in Libya, Operation Odyssey Dawn.  The operation cleverly named for the Odyssey, a 20-year harrowing journey through a hellscape where nearly everyone is killed.  Adding “dawn” . . . so it’s the earliest part of that day. . . .

Geraldo Rivera: There is a lot of talk now to arm the rebels.  I swear to god, if you give these people weapons more powerful than they have right now, they will be a grave danger to themselves and others.  The real danger here are these crazy kids with machine guns.  They have no discipline in combat.

Jon Stewart: If only someone would come forth to take control of this ragtag bunch, a charismatic, brave, somewhat narcissistic figure who already possesses the confidence and facial hair configuration of an old-world guerrilla force leader.

* * *

David Letterman: So now the CIA is arming the Libyan rebels.  Great!  You know what that means?  In 10 years we’ll be fighting them.

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