Egyptian Activists Say No to Military Trials

Ragia Omran, Lawyer for “No to Military Trials”: They (the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces) consider the country as under “martial law.”  They haven’t announced it officially, but this is the justification they use for the use of military trials for civilians.

Mona Seif, Activist for “No to Military Trials”: The first demand is to stop military trials for civilians, for them to be tried by normal judges.  The second demand is the protection of peaceful demonstrations and strikes.  The third demand is disclosure of all information and numbers of all the civilians who have faced military trials.

This video was released by Ahram Online on 13 June 2011.  The text above is an edited partial transcript of the video.  Cf. Mohannad Sabry, “New Egypt? 7,000 Civilians Jailed since Mubarak Fell” (McClatchy Newspapers, 13 June 2011).

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