• cop 26 was a failure… the future is in our hands now

    COP26 was a failure… the future is in our hands now

    What does COP26 mean for the climate movement? simon hannah offers his assessment.

  • Egyptian Activists Say No to Military Trials

    Ragia Omran, Lawyer for “No to Military Trials”: They (the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces) consider the country as under “martial law.”  They haven’t announced it officially, but this is the justification they use for the use of military trials for civilians. Mona Seif, Activist for “No to Military Trials”: The first demand is […]

  • Egypt’s “Second Day of Rage”

    Dubbed Egypt’s “Second Day of Rage,” this Friday protest in Tahrir could never live up to the standard set by the first one. . . .  The rally drew tens of thousands to Tahrir, despite the boycott by the Muslim Brotherhood, saying that little has changed since the toppling of the former president Hosni Mubarak.  […]

  • Egypt: The People Want to Liberate Palestine

    “There must constantly be an intifada.  I am for the one state solution, so there must be an intifada in Palestine.  The liberation of Palestine is a part of every one of these Arab revolutions.  Now, even after the revolution, the [Egyptian] army is banning these peaceful convoys [to Gaza] and this show of solidarity […]

  • Egypt’s Christians Blame Army after Sectarian Violence

    Coptic anger turns on the army after bloody sectarian violence gripped Cairo.  The clashes between Muslims and Christians in Imbaba left at least 12 dead.  Two churches were torched.  It’s the latest in a string of sectarian incidents since Egypt’s revolution, which left the army in interim charge of the country.  Now the Coptic community […]

  • Egypt’s Workers Keep the Revolution Alive

    Kamal al Fayoumi, Mahalla Textiles Worker and Democratic Labor Party Activist: All of us, as workers, said that the revolution began on February 11 when Mubarak left.  When the head of the old regime stepped down, it was just the start of the revolution.  The revolution began only with the solidarity of all of Egypt’s […]

  • Egyptians Rally in Support of the Libyan Uprising

    Hundreds of Egyptians gathered at the Libyan Embassy in Cairo to show their support for the Libyan uprising and to demand that Muammar al-Gaddafi step down. This video was released by Ahram Online on 21 February 2011. | Print