Libya News Roundup

Libyan Rebel Propaganda Exposed

Patrick Cockburn (The Independent, 24 June 2011): “Nato leaders, opposition groups and the media have produced a stream of stories since the start of the insurrection on 15 February, claiming the Gaddafi regime has ordered mass rapes, used foreign mercenaries and employed helicopters against civilian protesters.  An investigation by Amnesty International has failed to find evidence for these human rights violations and in many cases has discredited or cast doubt on them.  It also found indications that on several occasions the rebels in Benghazi appeared to have knowingly made false claims or manufactured evidence.”

Democrats’ War

Jeffrey M. Jones (Gallup, 24 June 2011): “Democrats are the only political group to show more support for than opposition to the U.S. involvement.  Independents are the most likely to show opposition, with a majority disapproving.  Republicans’ opinions have changed the most since March, moving to 39% approval from 57%. . . .  Most who disapprove, 64%, do so because they do not think the U.S. should be in Libya at all.  Just under a third, 29%, disapprove because they do not think the president obtained the necessary approval from Congress to conduct the operation.”

House Vote 493 — Rejects Authorization of Limited Military Involvement in Libya
 House Vote 493

House Vote 494 – Rejects Limiting Funds for Military Involvement in Libya
House Vote 494

Cf. United National Antiwar Committee, “June 27: Demonstrate against US/NATO Attacks on Libya” (MRZine, 23 June 2011).

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