Syria: Rapping against the Nizam

نظام, nizam, Arabic for regime, order, system, but against which nizam?

Against the System
Dudd Al-Nizam “Against the System”
by Eslam Jawaad

Against the Country

by Murder Eyez

Statement No. 1

Shabeeha Song

by The Strong Heroes of Moscow

Cf. Jackson Allers, “Syrian Revolution and Eslam Jawaad’s Response — ‘Dudd al-Nizam’ (Syria)” (Beats and Breath, 5 May 2011); Rania Abouzeid, “Syrian Rappers Urge . . . Restraint? Protesters Find Little Support in Popular Music” (Time, 5 July 2011); فن الثورة السورية ; <!/EslamJawaad>.

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