Syrian Tweets: “Peaceful Protests”?

Syrian Commando (2 August 2011): “Peaceful demonstration tools in #Hama #Syria for Ramadan

Eslam Jawaad (2 August 2011): “Father is Druze.  Mother is Alawite.  They raised me as Muslim.  My wife is Sunni.  Brother’s wife Christian.  F#$k sectarianism.  Pray for #Syria

3arabiSouri (2 August 2011): “Syrians r so grateful to our Libyan brothers, if it wasn’t u 1st receiving a UN assistance in killing u, it would’ve been us in #Syria

Sate (2 August 2011): “Yo Hillary Clinton.  When the Syrian people vote you into office, then you can speak on their behalf.  Till then go to hell.  Thank you.  #Syria

Mhd Shbeeb (2 August 2011): “What a fucking Peaceful demos we have !!!!!  Video (+18): #Syria #DerEzzor

Syrian Electronic Army (2 August 2011): “those ppl u see r in #Hama, blessed by #Zawahiri #Alqaida… the same ppl received #USAmbassador with roses..!! #Syria

Cf. “FLC & Al Akhbar: With Privilege Comes Responsibility!” (Friday Lunch Club, 1 August 2011); Louis Denghien, “Les opposants « pacifiques et démocrates » de Hama en pleine action” (InfoSyrie, 2 August 2011).

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