Venezuela and Iran to Raise Levels of Coordination at OPEC in View of Financial Crisis


The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Comandante Hugo Chávez, communicated by telephone with the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in the afternoon of the 15th of August, 2011.

President Ahmadinejad said to President Chávez that, in this sacred month of Ramadan, he and millions of Iranians are praying for the speedy recovery of President Chávez, whom they consider as a brother in struggle and in spirit.  President Chávez, thanking for such generous demonstrations of solidarity, conveyed to his Iranian counterpart the news about the positive recovery of his health, having undergone the second phase of treatment in the brother Republic of Cuba.

Presidents Chávez and Ahmadinejad discussed the situation created by the imperial aggressions against Libya and Syria and agreed to constantly monitor this problem, deepening their efforts to achieve peace.

The leaders of Venezuela and Iran, observing the disastrous effects of the dominant powers’ economic crisis, agreed upon the need to raise the levels of coordination at the OPEC, for which they decided to instruct their respective oil ministries to maintain constant and efficient communication with each other.

Blessing the successful advance of numerous projects for strategic bilateral cooperation, the presidents agreed to convoke the 7th Meeting of the Bi-national Joint Commission in the month of September 2011, in Caracas, with the aim of broadening and deepening the spectrum of complementary actions for the independence and wellbeing of the peoples.

Caracas, 16 August 2011

The original communiqué “Ante crisis financiera Venezuela e Irán incrementan niveles de coordinación de la OPEP” was published on the Web site of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry.  Translation by Yoshie Furuhashi (@yoshiefuruhashi | yoshie.furuhashi [at]

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