NATO’s Democracy


NATO's Democracy

Kritikal Point, a collective of artists, may be contacted at <>.  En español.  Cf. “How dare Egyptian rebels attack Israeli embassy instead of asking for foreign troops to destroy their museums and libraries? #Egypt #Jan25” (Mazen Shaer, 9 September 2011); “Egyptian revos storm #IsraeliEmbassy while Syrian self-proclaimed so-called revolution icons are promising Israel an embassy in #Syria #Fail” (Sate, 9 September 2011); “@bassamalkadi: Asking for international protection is explicit treason, and no to dialogue with criminals [AR] #Syria” (Sate, 9 September 2011); “Spoke to a Jordanian who couldn’t believe I was in ‘war torn’ #damascus this Morning and going back 2moro, told him not to listen to Media” (Oulabi, 9 September 2011).  See, also, Bilal El-Amine, “Syria: What Kind of Revolution?” (MRZine, 8 September 2011); and



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