#Blockupy for Global Change


We are calling for massive protests in Frankfurt this May against the crisis regime of the European Union.  We are activists representing a multitude of movements and struggles from different European countries and elsewhere, who have risen up in the past months and years to protest the assaults on our freedoms, jobs, and livelihoods that have become fiercely intensified in the global crisis.  We have joined together and shared our struggles and experiences, and we have realized that in a multitude of local forms, we are fighting the same fight.  Like never before, our movements are starting to strengthen each other: a truly transnational opposition is beginning to emerge.

Directly following the global action days on 12M and 15M, where we will protest in our own cities and regions, our transnational struggles will join together in Frankfurt, the European hub of global capitalism and the place of origin of the distress and misery that dictatorship of the markets has caused for millions of people.

We are protesting the widespread impoverishment and denial of democratic rights occurring in the Eurozone as part of a global systemic crisis.

In the periphery of the EU we are experiencing the extreme effects of politics pushed for by the governments of Germany and France and enacted by institutions representative of global capitalism: the ECB, IMF, EU, and their imposed technocratic governments.  Millions of us have been impoverished and driven to misery by austerity and structural adjustment programs, the denial of labor rights and the slashing and privatization of public services, such as education, healthcare, and welfare.  We are experiencing the looting of human and natural resources by supposedly democratic institutions!

Yet these processes are only the most evident sign of the precarization of working and living conditions experienced in all of Europe and beyond.  Our social uprisings, traversing the internal borders of the EU, are the expression of indignation acting outside every form of political representation.  As representative democracy fails, we leave it behind, creating our own democratic practices in everyday struggles against exploitation.

We are experiencing global migration as another clear sign of the refusal of this transnational system of exploitation, its border regimes and violent wars.  It is devastating our earth and basic livelihood.  The situation is urgent: we are facing a human-made climate disaster!

Yet in Europe and beyond, we are also experiencing the emergence of political movements that are challenging the everyday exploitation of people and the earth, the social fragmentation, precarization, and racism that pretend to divide and then weaken us.  By creating connections among these movements and making ourselves visible and powerful, we are attempting to practice a real democracy right now.  In Frankfurt, we have the opportunity to make these connections real, and to empower local struggles on a transnational level.  We will blockade a crucial center of global capitalism, learning from what we watched in Oakland and the Occupy movement in the United States, who in turn learned from the revolutions across North Africa, the Middle East, and the Indignados of Southern Europe.  Let us bring our movements together in solidarity to continue the fight!  Let us not miss this opportunity to set the agenda to reinvent our common future!

On May 17 we will occupy parks and main squares in the city center with our tents to create spaces for discussion and exchange.  On May 18 we will advance from different points toward the financial district: our vision is a full blockade of the ECB and all the other important financial institutions in Frankfurt to stop their running business.  On May 19 we will show our magnitude in a mass demonstration and make it known that we will not allow our societies to be destroyed by financial institutions.




May 16 — arrival and actions at the ECB board meeting
May 17 — OCCUPY the financial district, asambleas, cultural program
May 18 — BLOCKADE the ECB and major banks
May 19 — MASS international demonstration

+ create local and regional planning groups + spread infos and stay tuned + come in masses +

For more information, <blockupy-frankfurt.org>; <17to19m.blogsport.eu>.

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