The 67th Anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Fascism

No political action can be judged outside its epoch and circumstances.  No one knows even one percent of the fabulous history of man; yet, thanks to that history, we know events that exceed the limits of the imaginable.

The privilege of having known some of the people involved, including the places where some of the things related to the historic battle were carried out, increased the interest with which I anticipated the commemoration this year.

The colossal feat was the fruit of heroism of the whole ensemble of peoples whom the revolution and socialism had united and intertwined to put an end to the brutal exploitation that the world had endured for millennia.  The Russians were always proud of having led that revolution and of the sacrifices of which they were capable to make that revolution a reality.

This extremely important anniversary of the victory could not be comprehensible except under the banner and name that inspired the heroism of the fighters of the Great Patriotic War.  There was something undoubtedly inviolable and indelible: the anthem under whose unforgettable notes millions of men and women defied death and crushed the invaders who sought to impose a thousand years of Nazism and Holocaust on the whole humanity.

With these ideas in mind, I enjoyed the hours I spent watching the parade, more martial and organized than I could ever imagine, led by men educated in Russia’s military academies.

The Yankees and the bloody armies of the NATO certainly didn’t have the license to imagine that they could get away with the crimes committed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, the attacks on Pakistan and Syria, the threats against Iran and other countries in the Middle East, the military bases in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, with absolute impunity, without the world becoming aware of the unprecedented and outrageous threat.

How soon the empires forget the lessons of history!

The military technology displayed in Moscow on the 9th of May demonstrated the impressive capacity of the Russian Federation to make a calibrated response commensurate to the most sophisticated conventional and nuclear arms of imperialism.

It was an event that we expected for the glorious anniversary of the Soviet victory over fascism.

Fidel Castro Ruz
10 May 2012
8:14 PM

The original article “El 67 aniversario de la victoria sobre el nazi fascismo” was published by CubaDebate on 10 May 2012.  Translation by Yoshie Furuhashi (@yoshiefuruhashi | yoshie.furuhashi [at]

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