Debt Trial of the Century: NML Capital, LTD. v. Republic of Argentina


“The Third World Network and Jubilee are partnering today to stand up against vulture fund activity, stand up for Argentina, in this incredibly important court case that has massive repercussions for all countries around the world to be able to protect themselves from this kind of litigation in the courts by holdout vulture funds.  The reason why we think this is so important is because countries aren’t able to pursue sovereign debt restructuring, they aren’t able to restructure debt successfully, if they are going to be under the thrall of this kind of court litigation by holdout creditors. . . .” — Bhumika Muchhala

Eric LeCompte is Executive Director of Jubilee USA.  Follow LeCompte @Eric_LeCompte.  Bhumika Muchhala is a researcher at the Third World Network.  Video by OccupyTheBronx.

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