Homonationalism & Pinkwashing: LGBT Rescue Narratives

This video shows a panel discussion, moderated by Gayatri Gopinath, featuring the following scholars and papers: Katherine Fobear, “Queer Settlers: Exploring the Intersections of Colonial Violence and Settler Homonationalism With LGBTQ Refugees in Canada”; Colleen Jankovic, “Paranoia, the ‘Untold Story’ of Queer Palestine, and Non-Aligned Queer Solidarity”; Emrah Yıldız, “Alignments of International Refugee Law, Liberalism and Sex/uality on the Road: Iranian Asylum Seekers Through the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Turkey”; Fatima Jaffer, “Inside the Box: Homonationalist Discourses, the Media and Queer Organizing in Canada.”  The panel discussion was held on 10 April 2013, at the Homonationalism & Pinkwashing conference sponsored by the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies at the City University of New York Graduate Center.  For more information about the conference, visit <homonationalism.org>.  Watch the livestreamed videos of the conference at <videostreaming.gc.cuny.edu/videos/>.  Follow the conference on Twitter, using the hashtag #homoconf.

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